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Hypnotic Practitioners Need to Learn Regression Therapy

Hypnotic Regression Therapy
Workshop by Roy Hunter 5/1-2, 2014

Client centered hypnotic regression therapy (HRT) is a proven approach for helping clients to discover and release the causes of various emotional, behavioral and psychosomatic problems. Competently facilitated HRT often helps clients overcome common fears and anxieties even when other techniques may fail to provide lasting results. Some health professionals already employ this profoundly beneficial technique, which has been taught and practiced for decades. This workshop is both didactic and experiential, and is a MUST for any health professional who uses hypnosis as a tool for facilitating the change of dysfunctional behavior and who is also justifiably concerned about the risks of false memories. Instruction level: intermediate and advanced.

Objectives: Participants will be able to…

·    1.  Summarize basic hypnotic regression therapy (HRT) theory and techniques;

·    2.  Assess the risk and causes of false memories and how to minimize that risk;

·    3.  Recognize the differences between leading and guiding;

·    4.  Assess when HRT is preferred over other hypnotic techniques;

·    5.  Describe which past events we look for during HRT;

·    6.  Describe at least two hypnotic regression techniques;

·    7.  Recognize abreactions and use hypnotic techniques to facilitate the client's ability to release negative emotions surrounding a past event.

·    8.  Use appropriate hypnotic suggestion at the conclusion of the regression in order to increase the probability of lasting success;

·    9.  Practice a regression technique in dyads.


Workshop Outline

  • Overview and Background Information;
  • Guiding vs. Leading: The Risk of False Memories;
  • Ideomotor response questions and hypnoanalysis to determine when HRT is indicated;
  • Client Preparation and Pre-talk;
  • Regression Techniques to Discover the Cause(s) of problems;
  • Abreactions and Release of bound affect;
  • Subconscious Relearning and Reframing;
  • Fixing new ideas
  • How to address requests for Past Life Regressions? Fact or Fantasy?
  • Unresolved Past Grief and/or PTSD;
  • Practice.  

An in-depth participant workbook is provided for all who attend, as well as a certificate of attendance, and optional quiz for CE if applicable.



Roy Hunter, FAPHP, DIMDHA, your facilitator, co-authored The Art of Hypnotic Regression Therapy: A Clinical Guide (Crown House Publishing, 2012). He is the published author of several hypnosis books, and he has taught workshops around the world.                                                                       

Web: www.RoyHunter.com

May 1 & 2, 2014  -  9:00 am to 6:00 pm

SPONSOR: Carol Denicker,  North Shore Hypnosis                

LOCATION: Holbrook Wellness Center 5000 Expressway Drive So, Holbrook, NY 11741

2-Day Regression Therapy: May 1-2, 2014    2-Day Parts Therapy: May 3-4, 2014

Contact: Carol Denicker info@northshorehypnosis.com  or 631-737-1510


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