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Because you deserve the best education possible. with a
ward winning, Board Certified Instructor,

Carol Denicker!

  • Small Classes Providing Optimal Guidance & Support
  • Continuing Ed Opportunities
  • Convenient Mid-Island Location
  • Close to Restaurants, Hotels, Airport, LIRR

You receive dynamic classroom instruction, practice sessions, and off premises assignments, scheduled quarterly clinical practice sessions conducted at the school as well as continuing telephone and email supervision and support.

Reasons to Attend a Licensed School

1.    State licensed directors and instructors

2.    State approved curriculum and equipment, reviewed by experts in the field.

3.    Facilities meet state and local building, fire and health codes.

4.    Facilities are inspected by State Education officials.

5.    Complaint process gives students access to regulatory agency.

6.    Students' tuition is protected by a State controlled
Tuition Reimbursement Account.

7.    Approved requirements for admission.

8.    Catalogs and Enrollment Agreements must meet state standards.

10.   Refund policies are determined by state regulations.

11.   Employers recognize licensed schools as quality institutions.

Licensed schools meet or exceed the standards required by Article 101 of the NYS Education Law and Part 126 of the Regulations of the Commissioner of Education.

13. Tuition is tax deductible.

All unlicensed hypnosis certification schools in NYS are operating illegally.

School Location & Schedule:

New York Hypnosis Training Center is located in Suite 5 at the Holbrook Wellness Center, 5000 Expressway Drive South, Holbrook, Long Island, NY, 11741