A good internet connection is all you need!

LIVE Online training has successfully joined traditional classroom training. Now, due to the COVID-19 pandemic and subsequent restrictions, schools are not permitted to meet in person. But NYHTC’s LIVE Online Training may be the answer for you.

What does live online mean?

The class is designed and structured for online delivery.

Everyone in your class is connected via Zoom Pro, including me, of course.

As long as you can see me and hear me you will be able to experience the same benefits as you would experience with an in-person training.

What are the benefits of training online?

  1. There is nothing for you to download or install.
  2. Just click on the link I send you and you’re there!
  3. You train in the comfort and security of your own home. 
  4. There are no travel, lodging or meal expenses.
  5. There are no bad weather issues or traffic delays.

What is the difference between “LIVE Online Training” and “Online Training”?

Online Training:

Online Training is where students learn on their own schedule (self-paced learning) without any real-time instructor. The course content or lessons are prerecorded video lectures and tutorials, tests, and assignments can be accessed by the students enrolled in the course at any time, as long as the course is active and available.

Live Online Training:

LIVE training online Training is what we do at NYHTC. Classes have not been prerecorded. This means that classes are organized in a live virtual classroom (Zoom) where students and Instructor meet and communicate with voice and video. Instruction is accomplished with voice, video, whiteboard and PowerPoint. You participate actively in many ways, you can raise your hand, take tests and interact with your classmates. Live online classes require students and instructors to be online at the same time. It’s simple, you “report” to your computer at the required time just as you would “report” to school at the start of the day’s class. All students must be online and connected to the internet at that specific hour.


Is online training as effective as in-person training?

Absolutely, there is no difference in the effectiveness of online training in hypnosis or NLP skills. A knowledgeable instructor who is familiar with operating the Zoom “classroom” along with bright students who are eager to learn creates the positive, interactive environment we need. In some ways, it’s preferable because it’s so easy to interact with your classmates as a group and to also be able to practice techniques in the quiet breakout rooms that I create and relocate you to. It’s easier for me to supervise and guide your practice sessions in privacy as well. All, this in the safety and comfort of your own home!

What are the similarities and differences between LIVE Online and the traditional classroom?
Think of what you do in a physical classroom: you raise your hand, speak to the instructor, say yes or no, participate in class discussions, listen to a lecture while looking at content and your training materials, view a demo, do exercises to reinforce learning, and so on. All these things are available to you in the online classroom as well.

As the instructor, I see students when they enter the virtual classroom; I call on them when they raise their hands and allow them to speak; I demonstrate hypnotic inductions and various techniques and I supervise students while they practice what they’ve just learned.  

The mapping between the physical classroom and the live online classroom is striking and makes it very easy for both students and instructors to make the switch.

What do students need to know or do before taking a live, online training session?

You will need to enroll at https://newyorkhypnosistrainingcenter.com/hypnosis-training/enrollment-forms/.

Students just need to know how to use a mouse and how to interact with a browser and send and receive an email. You will receive an email with the link to the classroom. Then, your NYHTC certification training is just a click away.

I will be working closely with you at all times. You will follow along as I share PowerPoint, desktop shares, videos, whiteboard and explain concepts. 

After I have explained a concept, the class is divided into groups of 2 or 3 and will be assigned Zoom breakout rooms (practice space) wherein only I will enter and observe your practice. I will offer advice and comment on your progress with the new skills you learned. Then I will bring you all back into the classroom for a short review and your remaining questions will be answered. 

What can I expect from Carol Denicker, the instructor?

You will find, as all NYHTC alumni have, that I’m well qualified and experienced in the fields of hypnosis and NLP and licensed to teach this course by the NYS Education Department (BPSS). I love teaching and interacting with my students. I keep class sizes small, ensuring that everyone fully understands each lesson. I “walk you through” concepts, techniques and practice sessions, discuss your concerns and answer your questions. The classes are always focused but informal. We stick to the NYS approved curriculum but we always have time for a laugh!

How will I participate and receive assistance? 

Using the microphone and audio on your device, you can listen to and speak with me and any of your classmates at all times, so getting involved is really easy. Simply ask a question using the mike on your computer. If you prefer to submit questions or comments via the “chat” function, you can easily do that too. Students are encouraged to call on me by text, email or phone for help before, during and long after they have completed their training.

If you have other questions about LIVE Online training at NYHTC please give us a call at 888 828 4934 Ext 3. We’re looking forward to hearing from you.