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Hi Carol!  “…  every time you give a class if someone in that class needs help, guidance, healing, reassurance… whatever..you always, without fail, slow down and if need be change course and most definitely every day of your life in one way or another you help people to win in spite of themselves. I came to you searching for a new beginning, another chapter in my life. You opened the door, helped me take the first steps threw it, stood me up on my feet when I nearly crumpled into a heap, taught me how to help and heal myself so I can one day be useful and help others.  Every class I attended, I learned so much ‘extra curricular’ life lessons because of the way you addressed every situation that arose with such forthright honesty, dignity, humor and wisdom.Thank you for sharing all of your gifts, all your courage and experience, and for being so unconditionally generous in every way. I am so truly blessed to have you as my friend, teacher and mentor.  Without doubt you are the finest teacher I have ever had in my life. –Mary Scott