At the New York Hypnosis Training Center, we give our students a strong foundation in hypnosis, hypnotherapy and NLP. The curriculum and instructors are licensed by New York State.  Your hypnosis instructor, Carol Denicker, is a respected leader in her field and operates a thriving private practice as well.

The facility has ample room for all students to practice the skills they learn.  Carol observes and critiques the practice sessions, as well as advising students on best practices.  The classes and practice sessions are valuable and thought-provoking.  In addition, you get the benefit of her years of training and development of materials that aid the new hypnotist or NLP practitioner to succeed with clients right away.

One of the special “extras” provided by this program is the one-on-one availability of your instructor well after the training program.  She is always available to answer questions and guide you to information, advice, and ways in which to keep moving forward.  This very valuable extra is something that most of her students have cherished.

It isn’t just a training program.  It’s a lifetime exclusive membership and access to a group of like-minded individuals.  Most of the participants have remained in contact and many become friends. And the NYHTC has a private Facebook group of students to interact, share resources, ask questions and keep in touch personally and professionally.

The New York Hypnosis Training Center is located on the service road to the LIE. The address is 5000 Expressway Drive South, Holbrook NY. 
LIVE Online training is highly effective and also available.