The NYHTC Pledge to You

You’ll receive cutting-edge, comprehensive Global Online Hypnosis Training no matter where you live! You’ll get world-class, evidence-based, cutting-edge certification training as a hypnotherapist at New York Hypnosis Training Center (NYHTC). You’ll learn powerful skills for a new career, to add powerful new techniques to an existing profession, or for self-enrichment.

This Department of Education-approved, National Guild of Hypnotists (NGH) curriculum offers the highest quality of education in the field of hypnosis available today. You’ll also receive vital ongoing support by phone, text, or email as well as instruction in marketing.

Using a style of education that is exciting and innovative, you learn the skills and become proficient in techniques that bring out the best in your ability to help others.

Welcome to New York Hypnosis Training Center

If you want the best hypnotherapy training available, you have come to the right place. New York Hypnosis Training Center (NYHTC) is a licensed school for hypnosis/hypnotherapy certification for students worldwide. We have an exceptional reputation and our approved curriculum prepares you to offer a wide scope of services unique to the field of hypnosis.  The class size is limited to small groups for optimal learning online or in person. If you are ready to unlock a new lifestyle of flexible hours, fulfilling work, as well as great earning potential, I look forward to hearing from you. – Carol Denicker, BCH, CMI

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Tax Receipts: NYHTC is a licensed, accredited school. Our students receive tuition tax receipts obtainable only through licensed schools which may be 100% reimbursable.

Reasons to Train with Us!

  1. You seek independence, meaningful work, and a great income.
  2. Advanced degrees or years of training are not required.
  3. You’re ready to include hypnotherapy skills to expand an existing practice.
  4. You seek a career change to become certified in the transformational field of Hypnosis.
  5.  You’re seeking spiritual or personal development to help yourself and others.
  6. You want convenient, rapid LIVE online or in-person training
  7. You want a Certified Master Instructor with an international reputation for excellence.
  8. Supervised practice during class as well as free ongoing group practice sessions online.

On-site and LIVE online training! You will receive outstanding, interactive training with either option.

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