Unholy Ground: The Terry Bowers Story

New Perspectives – 4 – Carol Denicker – New Perspectives with Carol Denicker. Click on picture to go to link to view video.

Carol Denicker’s Additional Media Appearances


  • Dr. Laurie Radio Program
  • My Whole Life Talk Show with Alex Lubarsky


  • Documentary, Stage 3 Productions
    The Terry Bowers Story
  • New Perspectives TV Program
  • “The Light Within” with Samantha Nohs
  • Dr. Sollazzo Health & Wellness Program
  • “Mindlight” – An award-winning program as a Member of a panel of hypnotism experts with Michael Ellner and Anna Vitale

NGH Journal of Hypnotism

  • Carol was interviewed and featured on the cover of the Journal of Hypnotism – September, 2021 issue

NY Times

  • Featured in a NY Times article published on January 16, 2005, entitled “Hypnotherapy: Mind Over Matter” by Mary Reinholz
  • In “Working Off Those Gifts that Go to the Hips”, by Arlene Gross, in November of 06 in TIMES of Northport,  How the use of hypnosis can improve motivation.
  • “Reiki offers a healing path to better living – Practitioners say it complements, doesn’t substitute, traditional medicine” published in February of 2007 – TIMES of Northport article by Arlene Gross