Why New York Hypnosis Training Center is the right choice

At the New York Hypnosis Training Center, you will receive the best possible hypnosis training to prepare you as a hypnotherapist or NLP practitioner. We are a licensed school and we are approved for continuing education for social workers. In addition to dynamic classroom instruction and an award-winning, Board Certified Master Instructor, Carol Denicker you will also benefit from small class sizes for optimal guidance and support, supervised practice sessions, free online quarterly practice sessions, phone, email and text support, continuing education opportunities, convenient mid-island location.

Your Training Options

Training consists of 75 hours of theory, instruction, discussion, demonstrations, and lots of supervised hands-on practice.

Scheduling options and flexibility are available.  See the class schedule page or contact us for more information.

Option #1:  Ten (10) weekdays of training in two five-day modules with a break in between*

Option #2:  Ten (10) days of training taught in five (5) weekends*

Option #3: A combination of weekday and weekend training for a total of ten days.

Option #4: Private Training

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What You’ll Receive:

  • Two NGH training manuals
  • Multiple scripts and forms
  • Textbook: “Hypnotic Recollections by Dr. Dwight Damon
  • Recordings, E-books
  • Business start-up portfolio
  • A multitude of scripts and techniques
  • 12 months membership in the NGH
  • THE JOURNAL OF HYPNOTISM (quarterly subscription)
  • HYPNO-GRAM (bi-monthly subscription)
  • NGH member materials, benefits, and resources
  • HYPNOSIS FOR CHANGE by Josie Hadley and Carol Staudacher
  • Dynamic classroom lectures, Q&A, demonstrations
  • Supervised hands-on practice
  • 11″ x 14″ NGH certificate, suitable for framing
  • NYS Dept of Ed approved NYHTC diploma
  • Quarterly online practice/refresher sessions (optional, no charge)

What You Will Learn

  • Effective pre-talk (interviewing skills)
  • Preliminary suggestibility tests
  • How to conduct depth tests
  • How to classify clients
  • Functions of the conscious/unconscious mind
  • Ego strengthening (Enhancing Self-Confidence & Self Esteem)
  • Influences and dangers/contraindications
  • How to hypnotize & emerge a client
  • A three-step self-hypnosis program
  • Developing rapport
  • The benefits of hypnosis
  • Multiple powerful induction procedures
  • Mechanical aids – how to use them
  • Ideomotor response techniques
  • Smoking cessation program
  • Weight control program
  • Stress reduction program

  • How to write your own script
  • Easy-to-follow session structure
    Assessment and goal-setting techniques
  • Hypnotic suggestion, reinforcement, and encouragement
  • Guided imagery techniques
  • Goal Image Focusing Technique (GIFT)
  • How to teach a self-hypnosis course
  • Age regression
  • Multiple rapid induction techniques
  • Fear and anxiety reduction techniques
  • Performance enhancement techniques
  • Easy to explain facts and myths about hypnosis
  • How to launch a successful practice (effective marketing and business strategies)
  • Lots of supervised classroom practice
  • Ethics and standards of practice