Helping in Times of Crisis

Adaptation and the Ability to Transition
A message from Cynthia Lindner, MS

These are the two main reasons for the success of humans on this planet.  We are now faced with a very daunting challenge, a threat to health by way of the COVID-19 virus.  This challenge is being dealt with differently in different countries, and here in the United States needs and policies are differing by our individual states.  Our scientists, doctors and researchers are doing their best to find solutions to the virus and keep the loss of life due to the virus at a minimum.  Our economic sector has taken a blow in several areas, and our governments, local, State, and Federal are tasked with the unenviable position of providing a plan and resources to keep the populace healthy and to save economic development.  That is their job.  

Our job right now is to do what we must to stop this contagion from spreading to our most vulnerable.  Some locales have enacted shelter in place orders, and guidelines, or rules for people to wear protective masks and gloves.  These approaches are based on medical science, and there is very strong evidence that when “Isolation” is properly adhered to that contagions spread very slightly if at all. Here in NY metro we have been using “Social Distancing” which I think of as “Isolation Lite”.  Our first class of the year was postponed and all classes have been rescheduled, and we are working on adapting to live classes online rather than to postpone again if nonessential businesses must remain closed moving into the summer.  

Many people are experiencing feeling and thoughts directly connected to the pandemic.  this is a worldwide issue all continents that are inhabited by people.  It is very normal for people to experience increased anxiety and have a sense of powerlessness, a loss of control etc.  As for myself, I find that I’m paying more attention to little sniffles and the occasional cough from my Spring allergies. I remind myself that I do not have a fever and my sense of smell is intact.  

Some people may find themselves feeling old traumas again.  Having anxiety about money and their basic needs for food being met.  Anger and irritability may surface, and with the situation we are all in, this is quite “normal” and expected as is increased feelings of depression.  Now just because it is normal that doesn’t mean we need to stay in that state of mind.  If you have taken the certification class, do use the processes you have learned to shift your brain and your mindset into something productive and resourceful. 

If you find that hearing the news or engaging on social media increases any of your unwanted feelings then limit your time or switch your focus to interacting with family and friends checking in and being supportive, and feeling connected even though you may be separated.  Give yourself some exercise, that is always a great stress reliever and it is a way to strengthen your immune system too.  Be kind and understanding. 

Until next time be well,
Cynthia Lindner, MS

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