How To Choose a School

Do you know how to choose a school for hypnosis? Quality training is essential to the successful practice of hypnotism. Here are some important things to consider when seeking enrollment in hypnosis training programs:

Can the school or instructor verify claims made about the training offered?

On the internet, it is easy to make false claims. Call them and ask them to substantiate their claims. Call their certifying organization and ask if their claims are true.

Carol Denicker of New York Hypnosis Training Center (NYHTC) has conducted thousands of hypnosis sessions since 1993. It is important to learn about hypnosis and hypnotherapy from a certified hypnotist in a state licensed school who also sees clients routinely and practices what s/he preaches! Learn techniques that are currently used in practice and work well. Unless otherwise arranged for, Carol Denicker conducts the NGH hypnotism certification training program at NYHTC, at the Holbrook Wellness Center, a great environment in which to learn how to practice professional hypnotism, as well as how to structure your practice and office environment. Seeing is believing!

Does the instructor claim to hold or offer you a degree in hypnotherapy?

There are no universities or state colleges offering a degree in hypnosis or hypnotherapy. Don’t be fooled by “credentials” stating they do. Those holding “degrees” in hypnosis or hypnotherapy (BS, MS, Ph.D., etc.) are in the possession of documents not recognized by academic institutions.

Realistically, can you become a competent hypnotist through home study/correspondence courses or video training programs?

At New York Hypnosis Training Center, we don’t think so. Consequently, we do not offer home study courses or video training. Nothing replaces expert supervision or ample opportunity to practice newly learned skills under the supervision of the instructor. You need a skilled instructor available to answer questions as they come up, or point out problems in your techniques before they become bad habits that could possibly limit your success as a hypnotherapist.

How large are the classes?

The larger the class is, the more difficult it is to maintain high standards of training. Smaller classes enable the instructor to answer your questions with patience and thoroughness. The nature of this work, and the intensity of the training demand close monitoring. Typically, at NYHTC, classes often number about 10 but will never exceed 16 students. With smaller classes, each student is able to receive individual attention s/he needs.

Additionally, small additions or adjustments in the curriculum are often possible to address the special interests or needs of an individual student.

How much supervised practice time will I receive to practice and learn techniques?

It is important to know how much time is allotted for the development of important skills in practice while being supervised by an experienced Certified Consulting Hypnotist. Students at NYHTC practice the techniques they are learning every day of the training. Lots of classroom practice builds the confidence in their ability to make practical use of their training. An additional 25 hours of practice and other assignments must be completed off premises and are due when you return for the second level of training. Students are required to demonstrate their proficiency by supervised practice and by submitting a recorded induction.

Reports on your experience with each induction practiced as homework further increases your confidence and provides another opportunity to ask questions that may surface during your unsupervised practice. We average 14 hours in class practice. Supervised clinical practice is offered to you at the school quarterly after your certification. As alumni, you are always welcome to attend.

Does your instructor actually practice hypnosis as well as teach classes?

At NYHTC, the answer is YES! Unfortunately, many who teach, don’t really practice themselves and lack practical experience to share. You’ll want more than a great entertainer or a good writer on the subject of hypnosis, you’ll want to benefit from the “hands-on” experience it takes to be successful.

Is this really a school?

Absolutely! It is an NYS Education Department requirement. “Schools” that offer classes but don’t really have a physical location to call their own can be disappointing. Think about it, would you rather learn in an open training room in a hotel or someone’s house? At NYHTC you will have an appropriate classroom setting and a quiet environment in which to practice inductions and techniques.

IMPORTANT: Is FREE ongoing support offered for students or must you buy more books, recordings videos, attend paid workshops, or pay for an expensive consultations or mentorship with the instructor?

At NYHTC we believe you should be offered additional sources of information for ongoing professional development, and even one-on-one consultation time with an experienced instructor, free online resources, or continuing supervision by telephone, as well as quarterly clinical practice days. Your training will be thorough, so most of your questions can be answered in a few minutes. Knowing that you have this kind of support greatly increases confidence and the speed with which you grow as a successful hypnotist.

When I finish the course, am I certified? By whom and who are they?

Our graduates receive certification by NYHTC, (a NYS licensed private school) as well as certification by, and membership in, The National Guild of Hypnotists (NGH). The NGH is the world’s oldest and largest hypnosis organization in the world. It has been influential in shaping the field of hypnotism for more than 50 years. The Guild is active with individual states and the national government, working to encourage the professional practice of hypnotism in the US and throughout the world.

The NGH is the largest and most prestigious hypnosis organization in the world, it has a strong membership and a long history. NGH members are provided with ongoing benefits like continuing education, marketing tools and workshops, low-cost insurance opportunities and related resources and materials.

Can a licensed school teach a course online?

Absolutely! NYS Career Schools can apply for approval to teach online.
During the Covid-19 pandemic schools that met the criteria were given the approval to teach live online.

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