Quit Smoking with Hypnosis

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Eliminate the desire to smoke and be free of withdrawal symptoms, urges or cravings.  You’ll learn more effective ways to relieve stress or boredom.  All you need is motivation to be a non-smoker for life.

Hypnotic Visualization 
One of the most powerful attributes of the human psyche is its ability to visualize (or imagine). Hypnotism helps to develop and focus the powers of visualization. The ability to visualize or imagine yourself as a non-smoker (tobacco free), enjoying new health, energy and vitality. It also enables you to ‘see’ cigarettes or tobacco as unappealing, bad tasting, foul smelling and disgusting. You’ll imagine clean breath, and a healthy appearance. That’s right! Imagine yourself healthier, more active, in better physical condition, breathing easy with stronger, healthier lungs. 

Hypnotic Reinforcement 
A new non-smoker benefits from hypnotic reinforcement. You may cease smoking, but the habit thinking can linger. Fortunately, if not used, habits fade and disappear. The success of your program is greatly enhanced by listening to a reinforcement recording for 21 to 28 days. You will be taught an easy self hypnosis technique, diaphragmatic breathing, and post hypnotic signals as well. The combined use of these techniques will keep you calm and comfortable. 

Post-hypnotic suggestions are given. The purpose of the post-hypnotic suggestion is to enable you to use solutions programmed in hypnosis to change responses and behaviors when you need them to cope with your every day challenges. This is sometimes referred to as a trigger word or phrase or a post hypnotic signal. Connecting with your inner resources by means of a post hypnotic suggestion empowers you to access these resources without the hypnotist.

Mental Rehearsal 
Mental rehearsal is simply a way of checking out the efficacy of the post-hypnotic suggestions. You’ll know you’re successful if you are able to imagine yourself in a situation that previously triggered smoking and you are now able to invoke the newly anchored response. You imagine yourself in any situation as a happy, comfortable non smoker.

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