The Unexpected Benefits of Hypnosis Training

A Former Student Talks About the Unexpected Benefits of Hypnosis Training 

People have many different reasons for pursuing hypnosis training.  Some do it for personal reasons, but many do it for professional reasons.  Although the benefits, professionally, are usually to add to an existing practice, there are a great deal of benefits a hypnotist receives that one wouldn’t necessarily think of before you take the training.  It begins at training and spans throughout your career.  Every experienced hypnotist knows that the more people they help, the more they develop personally and professionally.   

Social workers, psychologists, nurses, nurse practitioners, chiropractors, therapists etc, can either use the skill with their existing patients or attract new clients with an additional service.  Those seeking to open a hypnosis practice have many ways in which to help others:  corporate hypnosis, office sessions, online sessions, books, eBooks, webinars, video learning, audio, entertainment and the list goes on.  Clients are always readily available for weight reduction, stress management, anxiety, smoking cessation and the usual challenges we experience in life. 

Some unexpected benefits that happened as I developed as a hypnotist: 

  • I have an increased confidence in myself as a person 
  • I have more confidence in my abilities 
  • I can meet and rise to any challenge 
  • It helped to develop my ability to read body language 
  • I trust my intuition more 
  • I have developed better coping skills 
  • I have a valuable tool I can use for personal change
  • I live in the moment more 
  • It provides me many passive income opportunities 
  • It gives me the flexibility to enjoy life more 
  • I help others in ways I never imagined 
  • I am more positive 
  • I feel satisfied when clients have big or small “wins” 
  • I have developed relationships and get regular feedback from clients (way after sessions)

Another valuable and unexpected benefit of my training at NYHTC is the on-going support, which continues ten years later.  Whether it was to ask a question, ask advice, get information or just reach out in frustration, my instructor always was there.  She provided many and varied opportunities for practice, shared information on new methods and learning opportunities.  She coached me on business, pricing and marketing.  She supported all my endeavors and connected me with fellow hypnotists.   

Rather unexpectedly, I received a greater sense of belonging.  I credit Carol Denicker at NYHTC with that. I belong to this prestigious group of giving, intelligent and empowered people.   Without the wonderful training and support, it may have been something I just learned and never pursued.   

Sign up for training today. Years later, you will be happy you did.

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