Why learn hypnosis?

As the only licensed hypnosis training center in New York State, our students have some very good reasons to attend our program. Our directors and instructors are state-licensed. The curriculum is approved by the state and the catalog meets their requirements. We meet safety standards and are regularly inspected. Your tuition is protected and there are required state refund policies in place.

Anyone interested in hypnotism can take the training and there are no prerequisites. All you need is a desire to learn. If you are a Social Worker in NYS, there is an added benefit. This training is approved by the state and qualifies as your required continuing education. For therapists, psychologists, doctors of chiropractic and anyone interested in the mind and mind/body connection, the program is an excellent addition to your training.

Of course adding skills to your present career is always a benefit, but there are many more reasons someone chooses to take our hypnosis training program. Often we have found that our students are one or more of the following:

Holistic Practitioners Who Want to Expand Their Services

Often underutilized and highly effective for change, hypnosis can be used with your patients, customers and clients. A hypnotherapy certification can help even an established practice to attract new clients with the additional services you provide.

People Feel a Calling to Help Others

Many of our students say they felt an overwhelming urge to help and empower others. Some felt stuck in careers that just don’t align with that goal. We have had numerous student enroll and ultimately leave their corporate jobs so they can give back.

Certification can be such a valuable tool. The best hypnotherapy schools build your knowledge of the subject to provide you with a strong foundation of skills. You also learn about philosophies of why/how it works, techniques you need to practice, and information you need to grow a sustainable business.

Self-Improvement is a Passion

Perhaps you read all the hypnosis books you can find and are fascinated. Maybe you had a positive experience with a hypnotherapist or achieved amazing results listening to a self-hypnosis recording. Now, you want to learn everything about the subject. How and why does it work? What can it be used for? You are undecided about starting a business. Instead, you want to learn hypnosis for your own personal benefit.

You are an Entertainer

You are or always wanted to be on stage or in front of an audience. Stage hypnotists do hypnosis in front of an audience for entertainment purposes. Entertainers, consultants, corporate speakers, motivational speakers, sports coaches and more can use the skills and information they learn in our course to add to their performances, presentations and shows.

Whether for professional or personal reasons, attend our hypnosis training and become a well-trained and skilled hypnotist or hypnotherapist. After your training, your instructor, Carol Denicker, is available to answer questions and guide you on your journey to take your training to the level appropriate for your needs….for your entire career. How valuable is that?!

One more thing….by attending a New York State licensed training center, your tuition is tax deductible! Consult your tax professional for details!

Ready to begin your journey?

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